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Get Inspired By The Top Fitness Trends of 2020

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With the holiday season upon us, it’s easy for daily wellness to fade into the background. Between parties, shopping lists, hosting family and friends, and decorating, the gym and cooking healthy meals may be at the bottom of your to-do list. This calls for a jolt of inspiration to hit your weekly meals and workouts.

Get Motivated

If it’s a struggle to maintain your usual routine, it may be time to mix it up. The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) just released its Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2020 in its November/December journal. Here’s a look at the top ten fitness trends on the list—and how SwimQuest’s fitness and swimming facilities can help you do just about all of them:

  • Wearable technology: This includes Fitbits, Apple watches, and any other fitness and activity tracker. It can make a world of difference to track your heart rate, sitting time, calories, steps, and beyond. While we can’t provide you with your own gadget, our fitness professionals can help you maximize the bounty of data your device gives you.

  • High-intensity interval training (HIIT): This type of exercise class has been sweeping gyms and fitness centers everywhere. HIIT forces the body to burn lots of calories and fat while also involving a lot of muscle mass. Benefits include better aerobic efficiency, increased muscle volume and definition, and serious fat burn. SwimQuest+Fit offers two group HIIT classes: Heat on Monday mornings and Metabolic Conditioning on Tuesday afternoons.

  • Group training: The best part about training with others? You’re not alone in your wellness journey. SwimQuest+Fit offers group training and classes 7 days of the week, and they run the gamut from ZumbaⓇ and Pump ‘n SpinⓇ to Yoga and Kickbox Fusion.

  • Training with free weights: Strength training is a must for muscle definition. Lift free weights, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, and more in our Free Weight Training and Functional Training areas.

  • Personal training: Looking for some one-on-one guidance in your workout? Sign up with one of our fitness professionals for a training session. We’ll help you set your goals and achieve them—for good.

  • Exercise is Medicine: This global health initiative encourages primary care doctors and health care providers to include physical activity assessments and recommendations to their patients. At SwimQuest+Fit, we meet or exceed current ACSM standards and guidelines, and can provide a “wellness bridge” connecting our members with their personal physicians.

  • Body weight training: There are so many ways to use your own body weight in resistance training. The best part? No equipment, so you can break a sweat at home, too. Learn about body weight training from one of our trainers, or try it for yourself in our QueenaxⓇ Functional Fitness Circuit.

  • Fitness programs for older adults: It really is possible to stay in shape while you age. At SwimQuest+Fit, we don’t just cater to the young and “already fit.” We customize our programs for members of all ages based on each individual’s specific needs and wants.

  • Health/wellness coaching: Maintaining your health and figure is all about integrating exercise and nutrition with your daily life. One-on-one, personalized guidance from our Certified Fitness Professionals will help you manage plans and goals that work for you now and in the long run.

  • Employing a certified fitness professional: We’ve got you covered! SwimQuest+Fit’s Wellness Team is the best of the best, incorporating healthy lifestyle coaching methods that provide the safest and most effective approach to achieving your goals.


Make your wellness goals a reality with TRANSFORM! Holiday Edition, which covers nine of these ten fitness trends (all 10 if you bring your Fitbit, iPhone, or other device!). This unique, evidence-based healthy lifestyle program focuses on losing weight and keeping it off. Get all the benefits of both nutrition and lifestyle coaching, plus the right dose of physical activity.

You can score four weeks (two sessions/week) to stay on-track through the holidays. By registering now, you’ll get eight training sessions, nutrition coaching, and one month of fitness center access. Sessions start this Monday, November 25. $195/non-members; $150/members. To register, visit our Tinton Falls location or call 732-922-7700 for more information.

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