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Getting Older Doesn’t Have to Mean Getting Heavier, Too

Staying fit and maintaining body weight can be a challenge at any stage in life. As we get older though, we may notice our waistlines growing (and our free time to hit the gym shrinking), sometimes for seemingly no reason at all. Between injuries, everyday aches and pains, hormonal changes, and other factors, it’s easy to lead a more sedentary lifestyle as we age.

If you’re not eating more or working out less, but have noticed an uptick on the scale, the answer may be a condition known as sarcopenia, which is an (often age-related) loss in muscle mass. We lose about 1 percent of our muscle annually as we get older. It’s also a factor in developing a lower metabolism, so our bodies take longer to burn calories while we’re at rest. The slower your metabolism, the less calories you’ll burn in a day.

Weight Training Can Help

The simplest way to ward off sarcopenia? Weight training two to three days a week paired with one or two days of cardio. If you’re not sure where to start, one popular option is a HIIT exercise class, which stands for high-intensity interval training.

This type of anaerobic workout forces the body to burn lots of calories and fat while also involving a lot of muscle mass. Benefits of HIIT include better aerobic efficiency, increased muscle volume and definition, and serious fat burn. In fact, the short, intense bursts of physical activity will gear your body up to continue burning calories after the workout ends while your body replaces energy and recovers.

At SwimQuest+Fit, we offer two group HIIT classes: Heat on Monday mornings and Metabolic Conditioning on Tuesday afternoons. Membership entitles you to all of SwimQuest+Fit’s FREE classes, including both HIIT offerings.

Change Your Body with TRANSFORM!

If you want more hands-on guidance, kickstart your wellness plan now with TRANSFORM! Holiday Edition (remember: eggnog, stuffing, and all that dessert are just around the corner!). SwimQuest+Fit’s TRANSFORM!, a unique evidence-based healthy lifestyle program, focuses on losing weight and keeping it off—for good. Get all the benefits of both nutrition and lifestyle coaching, plus physical activity.

You can score four weeks (two sessions/week) to stay on-track through the holidays. By registering now, you’ll get eight training sessions, nutrition coaching, and one month of fitness center access.

TRANSFORM! Sessions start on November 25. $195/non-members; $150/members. Register online today! Visit our Tinton Falls location or call 732-922-7700 for more information.

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