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Do You Know What Your Body Is Made Of?

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Stepping on a scale or calculating your BMI are common ways to figure out how healthy you are. The truth is, neither method tells you much. While BMI is often how many people determine that they’re overweight, that number doesn’t necessarily reveal much about your body fat or overall health.

Looks Don’t Mean As Much As You Think

Ever heard of the term “skinny fat?” This term is used when a person with “normal” body weight and BMI has a high body fat percentage. If you’re “skinny fat,” you may not realize that you have a potentially dangerous high body fat ratio just by looking in the mirror. A loss in muscle mass due to a lack of physical activity is often a contributing factor.

Take office workers, for instance. It’s tough getting your steps in or squeezing in a workout when you’re sitting still in front of a computer for eight hours—not to mention all those additional sedentary hours spent in the car commuting or driving the kids around. Those who don’t exercise are known to lose muscle mass, especially in their legs, plus gain body fat. Because of our reliance on body weight measurement and BMI, a potential body fat issue can easily go undetected.

Find Out What You’re Made Of

So, if we can’t tell we have a problem by looking in a mirror or stepping on a scale, how can we? Body composition analysis is an evidence-based method of measuring and describing what someone’s body is made of. It differentiates between fat, protein, minerals and body water to give you a realistic snapshot of your health.

At SwimQuest+Fit, our fitness professionals use the Quantum IV Body Composition Analyzer to help you reach your health goals. This unique approach can be invaluable during the holiday season when you’re bound to be surrounded by so many heavy foods and tasty cocktails—and no time to squeeze in a workout.

Get a Free Body Composition Assessment

Enroll as a SwimQuest+Fit member now to receive a complimentary Body Composition Assessment and healthy exercise program. Not sure you’re ready to start just yet? Find out what we’re about at our Open House on October 23 at our Tinton Falls location. Sign up to receive a FREE body composition assessment at a later date, plus try a group exercise classes, check our new state-of-the-art facility and visit the Athleta Pop-Up Shop (9 am-noon) for a shot at winning discounts, raffles and gear giveaways.

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